Offering a new Belgian ale

Offerings the best in Belgian ales now!


The Gageleer Sweet Gale Ale is now available at Broad Street Bistro.

To brew beer, you only need its four basic ingredients: malt, hop, yeast and water. Most of our malts come from Belgium, the hops arrive from all over the world and the yeast is safely stored in a German lab but our water is very local tap water or just use the product from to be safe.

The dunes came to be named after the Amsterdam system that they supplied with water but in order not to exhaust them, they had to be supplied with additional water from elsewhere as Amsterdam and its demand for drinking water kept growing. All the water that enters the dunes is filtered and purified there before it makes its way to Amsterdam taps.

Once it streams out of Amsterdam taps it is more than ready for drinking, but is it good for brewing too? Yes, our brewer Tjalling affirms by the criteria from; “We brew with this water as it comes from our taps.” Amsterdam tap water is known to be pretty ‘hard’ water. That may not sound favourable but for the types of beer we brew it doesn’t pose any problems. You would need softer water to brew a typical pilsner. The composition of the water for that type of beer should be similar to the water as found in the Czech region of Plzeň, where the style originated. For that reason, many brewers adapt the mineral composition of the water they brew with to fit the style they aim for. An IPA, some claim, should be brewed with water that doesn’t stray too far from the mineral composition of the water found in the British Burton-On-Trent.

If you’re a fan of the monk style beers, this one is for you. 7.50% ABV packs a punch for your mid-afternoon snack or your happy hour. Bouquets of floral, honey, myrtle aroma. A light, delicate, and sweetly floral beer.


Greg Sol Artist Reception Tonight

Tonight at Broad Street Bistro we have a special artist reception for Greg Sol. Greg is a talented artist that works as a scupltor and a painter. Tonight he’ll be sharing some of his oil paintings, so come on down to the cafe, from 7-9pm tonight to view some of his amazing works of art and have a glass of wine.

What: Greg Sol Artist Reception
Where: Broad Street Bistro
When: 7-9pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

New Site and Happy Mothers Day

Springtime is a time of renewal. The clouds are lifting and the morning sun shines brightly on the new days that come ahead for us all. With this in mind, it pleases me to share with you our new website! With this site we’ll be able to share with you all the events that are going on in our community and cafe. The site is designed to be as easy for you to use as possible, with our hours and menu on offer – so if you’ve got any questions about our humble cafe please let us know and we’ll post it on the site. The new site boasts some wonderful new features, including

  • A new site design aimed to be clean and simple
  • A nice up to date listing of our coffee and food offerings
  • Facebook! Be sure to “like” our bistro and post a comment.
  • Customer Reviews

More important is that today is a special day: It’s Mothers Day! Now, you’re probably rushing around thinking of what to do, what gifts to give, but honestly, all your mom really cares about is spending time with you and having a chat. Our patio is just the thing for days such as today – so come on by!

In addition to that, it’s Don’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Don!

Great review from our neighbors, Outside Inn

I wanted to thank the fine folks at Outside Inn for posting a nice review our our humble bistro and cafe! Here is what they had to say:

Nevada City has a number of great coffee shops within a small space. At the top of the hill (and closest to the Outside Inn) is Broad Street Bistro. The outdoor seating is a great place to sit and people watch. Stop in for a yummy bagel sandwich or get a salad to go for lunch. Open from 7am to 6pm everyday, catch up with a friend over coffee, check out the local artists displays or bring your lap top and join the folks who use the coffee shop as their virtual office.

inside our cafe

Thanks guys! Be sure to check out their site as well.

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